The Herald News, Friday, December 16, 2016 – Page B2

Amazon’s recent gift of $15,000 in Christmas gifts to United Way of Fall River shows that the city’s most recent corporate citizen is taking its place in the community of caring.

Anyone who organizes community events carries in his or her head a list of reliable donors. Banks. Large companies. Businesses known to have a heart.

Churches, advocacy groups, agencies that help the needy, neighborhood associations – all of them know where they can go for a check, which businesses will put a donation bin in the lobby, contribute employees to a cleanup effort or let their executives contribute organizational expertise to a board of directors.

When Quaker Fabric was the city’s largest employer, it was a reliable contributor to every kind of helpful endeavor. The hospitals do their part, as do banks we’ve already mentioned. The 99 Restaurant in Fall River consistently does fundraising for the Boys and Girls Club.

Law firms, auto body shops, retail stores and even The Herald News fund participate in or help organize events like the Children’s Christmas parade or AHA! In Fall River.

Businesses are required to do any of these things, but many employers feel a responsibility to the city where they do business.

In amazon’s case, not only do they expect to employ 1,000 people from this area, but they have countless local customers.

Too often Christmas gets lost in the tinsel, in our hope that we get the tablet or the television we want so much.

Christmas isn’t that.

Christmas is about not just giving, but finding out that giving can feel better than getting. The season is a reminder of who we could be all year if we would only try.

Amazon is in the business of selling things. Their packages arrive at homes across the nation. At this time of year, those packages often contain Christmas presents. Some of those packages are put together and shipped in Fall River.

Hopefully, Amazon will be here for a long time, employing our people.

It’s good to see that the company sees itself as more than just a business, that they perceive themselves as a part of the city.

For those who needed a job, and found one at Amazon, this will be a brighter Christmas. The gifts donated by amazon will make the holidays brighter for needy recipients.

Amazon is to be commended, not just for employing our people, but for beginning what we hope will be a long tradition of helping Fall River’s less fortunate.

We’re all in this together, every day of the year.